Build 07-28-2019

After about a month since TMG and the first beta release of A:\dventure, it's time to finally push a build that fixes up bugs.  Honestly I haven't been able to put in time to work on it for the past 2 weeks, so there's a weird balance of work and what was accomplished.  Here's a summary of what's changed

  • Email interface has been worked, currently does not have any content of value
  • More file icons
  • Sort File Browser by folders then alphabetically
  • fix viewport scaling for a more accurate pixel ratio at higher resolutions
  • new field loot sprites, they sparkle!  Step over them an press A to pick them up (like God Eater/MonHun)
  • fix Yui's dialog conditions so now you can actually talk to her
  • see AoE of enemies before they attack
  • fix input on many menus, improves keyboard/gamepad navigation and prevents crashes
  • add an Database interface, so you can read up on items and characters you've unlocked
  • equipment screen now shows stats and items for other party members too
  • marketplace UI redesigned
  • adjusting dungeon loot to be based on rarity and file association
  • lots of technical cleanups to fix bugs and memory usage

When looking around the menus you'll see mention of 2 new feature additions that'll be coming in future versions of the game.

Expense Forms provide the interface for spending company funds on new equipment for the main character.  Nothing too special, just a fun and thematic way of shopping.

Guild Management will come into play later in the story.  As the guild expands through recruiting efforts and poaching, it'll be up to you to manage these units while you're exploring dungeons.  How you manage and assign these members will affect what equipment you can purchase, the food you can have Oswald make for you, as well as bring in a passive income.  Those familiar with Metal Gear Solid 5/Peacewalker should understand exactly what I'm trying to get at here.

For those worried about radio silence from my end, don't be too worried.  As this is an unfunded passion project I'll be planning on releasing updates about once a month.  This next month I'll be focusing on content to advance the story past the onboarding process.


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Version 2 Jul 29, 2019

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