Build 11-23-2019

So that last build clearly wasn't very stable due to a large amount of refactoring and non-existant QA.  I've gone through and fixed up any game crashing bugs I found or were reported to me, so today's build should be a lot more functional.  You should now actually be able to progress in the story to the latest written parts.  In addition to bug fixes, some other changes made their way in too

  • The marketplace is 90% functional again.  You can buy and sell your items.  The items do not have pictures or rarity assigned to them yet so those details do not update.
  • Optional quests have been added to the storyline during the first epic.  They will grant you additional cash and experience for completing them
  • Save data is cleaned up a little bit, nothing that most users will notice unless you like poking at game files.
  • More NPC interactions have been added during the first epic part of the story.  

If you want to experience all of the story and characters, be sure to talk to npcs frequently.  Their dialog sometimes changes each time you come back from a mission if you've talked to them before.  Some dialogs only happen during certain parts of the story, so you might miss an important detail if you didn't interact with your coworkers.

That's all this time, as I'm moving to do smaller fixes on a more frequent basis.


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Version 9 Nov 23, 2019

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